A Woman and Her Rescue, Jaden

A Woman and Her Rescue, Jaden

For years, Jodi has wanted a siberian husky.  When she found a husky rescue shelter in Easter Washington, she found Jaden. Jaden was originally bred to be a sled dog and was 1 of 30 other siberians under the same owner.  They spent their lives tied to individual poles on 10′ chains, wrapped around their necks, in the cold with little food and water…and beaten when the refused to pull the sleds.

When the owner found that Jaden was not fit to be a sled dog, he decided he was fed up and wanted her gone.  He called the animal sanctuary and asked that they come get her and her two siblings.  She had lost most of her fur, had wounds around her neck from the chain, and her teeth covered in tarter and colored black from malnutrition.

His excuse: “this is how sled dogs in Alaska are raised”

Thankfully, all of them were rescued – but most of them feral.

She had never been inside a house:  terrified of the TV, never heard a radio…the dog bed was foreign and the only place she wanted to be was outside.  After being taken to the vet to have her teeth cleaned, the vet found that Jaden’s jaw had been malpositioned on the right side.  Three of her teeth were broken and rotting. The vet had to file her jaw bone down to reshape it, remove 3 of her teeth and then sewed it up and cleaned her remaining teeth. He believes it was no accident, that she was hit in the head by someone and hit hard.  And she had nobody to help her… She had completely lost her trust in people, especially in men.

Jaden spent 18 months at the rescue because she wouldn’t let anyone near her.  Jodi felt very lucky to take on the task of giving her a better life and earning her love and trust. Within a week, they were best friends. She has made tremendous improvements and now has a chance to live a wonderful happy life – one she’s always deserved.

It was an honor to take these photos and capture the real impact of such an amazing cause… moments that we seldom see.

Stefani and Brian’s Engagement Session!

It’s finally posted!! Woo hoo! I had so much fun with these two and am so happy for the both of them. 🙂  

Stefani and Brian, good luck in California! I wish you both the best.

Perfect Pair| 1

Perfect Pair| 1

What a cute idea – Macaroons

❀It’s Floral Friday {sunflowers} ❀

We all know sunflowers bring out the smile in all of us.

I’ll fill you in on a little history that proves the sunflower to be a powerful and {beautiful} statement at your wedding….

Although it was commonly accepted that the sunflower was first domesticated in what is now the Southeastern US, roughly 5000 years ago, there is evidence that it was first domesticated in Mexico around 2600 B.C.E.  These crops were found in Tabasco, Mexico at the San Andre’s dig site. The earliest known examples in the United States of a fully domesticated sunflower have been found in Tennessee, and date to around 2300 BC.Many Native Americans used the sunflower as the symbol of their Sun God, including the Aztecs of Mexico and the  Incans  in South America. In 1510 early Spanish explorers encountered the sunflower in the Americas and carried its seeds back to Europe. Of the four plants known to have been domesticated in what is now the eastern continental United States and to have become important agricultural commodities, the sunflower is currently the most economically important

ok – history lesson: over         enjoy the sunflowers 

This headband leave me speachless   i will be wearing one of these on my wedding day [someday]

i’ll probably save it on my phone.

sunflower band


Portfolio: III

Say hello to the new MR. and MRS. GRIFFIN!

Romantic woodsy wedding, beers and gingerale, dancing, outdoor games, rock beach and a beautiful sunset… yes. please.


Photo 2

Photo 1

Photo 2Photo 4Photo 6Photo 5Photo 7Photo 9I LOVE THE CAKE

Next Photo Shoot!

I am so excited to share this day with Laura Williamson and Taylor Griffin!  It’s going to be so much fun and I have so much prepping to do to! Lots of fun ideas on the way! Woo Hoo!

Check out the Wedding website:      http://www.williamsonandgriffin.ourwedding.com

Photo Credit: LineLite Studios

Seattle: Owned

Morgan did a great job for this photoshoot! She has the confidence to show Seattle what she’s got and these photos turned out amazing because of it!  I give all of the credit to this awesome woman!

Photo 7

This photo was a lot of fun! Seattle’s China Town doesn’t look this great in person, but WOW does she make it look cool!

Photo 6

Photo 1 Photo 3

Photo 5

Work it girl!

Portfolio: II

I can’t describe how perfect this wedding was – but the images definitely can!  I was introduced to so many people and I have to say, I had a blast! The venue was a perfect location and the weather was unreal. Kelsey and Chris – I wish you both the best!


ahhhhh the colors….

img28 copy





img89 copy

Inspiration: True Love Lasts Forever

img63 copy


Image 7

Image 8

Screen door shot – love this photo.


Bringin’ Out the Sexy In Women


This is the first Bodoir photo shoot I’ve done, and I have to say, I’m a little speechless..

Morgan sent these photos to her boyfriend stationed in Afghanistan as part of his Christmas gift,  I’m pretty sure he’s not complaining! This should be an inspiration for all women that everything about them is beautiful, sexy, innocent, and elegant. Get naked and show the world what you’ve got to offer!


Image 2

So natural and beautiful.

Image 3

Image 4

Image 5This is by far my favorite: classy, natural, elegant

Next Step: Engagement

The shoot went so smoothly because these two were out to have some fun, and that’s what all of this is really about. Fun! Why not make a photo shoot into playtime? I am honored to their wedding photographer and cannot wait for the day!

An example of crazy, exciting, passionate, give you goose bumps kind of love: Right Here.

Image 1Can you feel the heat?

Image 2


I told the couple that I wanted something super fun, and so I made it happen. Chris loves planes, so I contacted the Snohomish Airport!

Image 4

ohhhhhh the romance, what a great setting too. I tried to get them to climb the plane and unfortunately it turned dangerous.. real fast, way to go ME! So much for safety!

Image 5



Image 6

Image 7

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